Congratulations to College Boat Club (University of Pennsylvania), our new champion and 2015 winner!
2015 ASR Leaderboard (Final)
Alumni Team Ranking Alumni Team Alphabetical Listing
College Boat Club (University of Pennsylvania)129818.50%Blue Cheese Rowing Club (Yale University)4
St. Andrews Alumni Racing221913.59%BMA Boat Club (Cornell University)43
First State (University of Delaware)31056.52%Bosporos Boat Club (Oxford University)18
Ever Green Boat Club (Dartmouth College)4845.21%Brown University Masters Alumni56
Temple University Alumni5804.97%Cambridge University Alumni Boat Club75
Cambridge University Alumni Boat Club6754.66%College Boat Club (University of Pennsylvania)298
Drexel Rowing Alumni Group7724.47%College of the Holy Cross Alumni4
Trinity College Alumni8613.79%Columbia Business School Alumni16
Brown University Masters Alumni9563.48%Conestoga High School Crew Club Alumni14
BMA Boat Club (Cornell University)10432.67%Deerfield Academy Alumni14
Wide Load Boat Club (Boston University)11412.55%Drexel Rowing Alumni Group72
Syracuse University Alumni12402.48%Ever Green Boat Club (Dartmouth College)84
St. Joseph's University Alumni13392.42%Fat Cat Rowing Club (Princeton University)36
Fat Cat Rowing Club (Princeton University)14362.23%Father Judge High School Alumni19
Springside Chesnut Hill Alumni15352.17%First State (University of Delaware)105
Mount Saint Joseph Academy Alumni16301.86%Fordham University Alumni20
Salisbury School Rowing Alumni17281.74%George Washington Rowing Association14
La Salle College High School AlumniT-18201.24%Georgetown University Alumni5
Fordham University AlumniT-18201.24%Haverford School Alumni2
Father Judge High School Alumni19191.18%Jacksonville University Alumni4
Bosporos Boat Club (Oxford University)T-20181.12%Kings Crown Rowing Association (Columbia University)15
UC Santa Barbara AlumniT-20181.12%La Salle College High School Alumni20
University of New Brunswick AlumniT-21160.99%Marietta Alumni14
Columbia Business School AlumniT-21160.99%Marist College Alumni4
Mathews High School AlumniT-21160.99%Mathews High School Alumni16
Kings Crown Rowing Association (Columbia University)22150.93%Mount Saint Joseph Academy Alumni30
George Washington Rowing AssociationT-23140.87%Philadelphia University Alumni6
Marietta AlumniT-23140.87%Phillips Andover Alumni2
Deerfield Academy AlumniT-23140.87%Salisbury School Rowing Alumni28
Conestoga High School Crew Club AlumniT-23140.87%Springside Chesnut Hill Alumni35
Virginia Tech AlumniT-24100.62%St. Andrews Alumni Racing219
Villanova University AlumniT-24100.62%St. Joseph's University Alumni39
Philadelphia University Alumni2560.37%St. Mary's College Alumni4
Georgetown University Alumni2650.31%Syracuse University Alumni40
Blue Cheese Rowing Club (Yale University)T-2740.25%Temple University Alumni80
College of the Holy Cross AlumniT-2740.25%Trinity College Alumni61
Marist College AlumniT-2740.25%UC Santa Barbara Alumni18
St. Mary's College AlumniT-2740.25%University of New Brunswick Alumni16
Jacksonville University AlumniT-2740.25%Villanova University Alumni10
Phillips Andover AlumniT-2820.12%Virginia Tech Alumni10
Haverford School AlumniT-2820.12%Wide Load Boat Club (Boston University)41

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